From The Pit

Dickies Barbeque Pit

When Zac Brown sings “I like my chicken fried, cold beer on a Friday night, a pair of jeans that fit just right and the radio up,” he’s just nailed the heart of the guest experience.  Creating a successful brand is about knowing what makes your customers tick and being able to create that experience every time – sometimes before they even know they want it.

Guests crave more than delicious food from their favorite brand – they want a complete experience. One that includes all senses and gets it right every time.  From the rustic design of our restaurants, the wood fire smell from the smoker to the tunes playing in the background – it all sets the vibe for our guest’s experience. We know it’s the details that make guests feel good about dining with us and it’s also what will keep them coming back. 

Our guests relate to our hometown roots. After all, our humble beginnings in 1941 were as a beer joint with a little pit-smoked barbecue in the back.  What we do right hasn’t changed and never will.  Dickey’s Barbecue is recognized around the country, but you walk into our stores it feels like a local barbecue joint. We still pride ourselves on authentic, down-home food, served with genuine southern pride.  We give guests that local joint vibe with all the modern capabilities of a national restaurant chain.

We also make sure we serve our guests consistently.  We have almost 500 locations across the country, but the experience you have in Minot, North Dakota is the same you have in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  At Dickey’s, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. But, we do take pride in the art of great barbecue. Although we’re a 74-year old chain, we definitely don’t want to look like it.  Kicking the tires on our brand is essential to staying relevant. Maintaining a streamlined image, whether it’s on Dickey’s craft paper packaging or our web presence or even a logo update; lets our guests know we pay attention to the details. 

In today’s fast paced, quick serve environment, creating a relevant brand takes strategy, innovation and a vibe. Guests are the bread and butter of any business, but especially in the fast casual industry.  Dickey’s has become so much more than just a recognizable national brand.  We hold memories for many people and their families.  They spend their birthdays and graduations with us and let us into their homes for parties and important family events.  We take their loyalty seriously.  Our Big Yellow Cup Club is an opportunity to thank our loyal customers and give them a sneak peek at new menu items and special offers. 

 Some people consider Dickey’s Barbecue an industry anomaly, expanding nationwide on a playing field normally reserved for mom and pop restaurants or regional players. Our growth shows we’re a recognized brand with a national reach –international reach eventually.  Dickey’s brand evolution is the product of a deliberate strategy to take the regional vibe of Texas barbecue to a national audience.  We’re making ourselves known one Big Yellow Cup at a time and our success shows in the many satisfied guests we’ve fed along the way.