Dickey’s Barbecue Franchise: Two Steppin’ For a Cause

Thursday night, February 28, 2019, I had the honor of attending Two Steppin’ for a Cause.  It was the inaugural event of The Dickey Foundation, the charitable foundation of Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, and Cowboys Red River, a famous Dallas stomping ground.  It was a great night to honor first responders and raise funds to provide them with the protective gear they so desperately need.  The partnership between Dickey’s BBQ Franchise and Red River and donations raised resulted in The Dickey Foundation’s outfitting of the entire Duncanville Police Department with protective vests from Angel Armor. 

It’s during events like these that I feel incredibly humbled and proud of being the world’s largest barbecue chain because of what it has positioned us to give back through The Dickey Foundation.  Our guests love of our authentic Texas barbecue has expanded our family to hundreds of Dickey’s Barbecue Pit franchisees and millions of our extended family members dining at our place or theirs.  However, the true net worth of our barbecue legacy is deeply rooted in what we have been able to give back to the community.

I look forward to continuing our partnerships in the Dallas community and beyond with those who are as committed as Dickey’s to serving those who serve us.