A Blessed Tradition and a Bright Future

The holidays mean something special to all of us, because this time represents something deeper than a super sale or drop in temperature—it represents tradition. For the Dickey family, this season is marked by the start of a barbecue legacy. As that legacy turned one year older this October, I am reminded that sharing and carrying the traditions of my family through the Dickey’s Barbecue Pit franchise is my greatest blessing.

Every one of us has an history, but traditions behind those lineages are often unknown. As for me, the rituals and traditions of my family were passed down with a care and understanding that I always remember where my values originate. Those deep seeded values planted firmly by my family sprouted into what became the world’s biggest barbecue franchise. I belong to a legacy which still stands like an unwavering hickory tree grounded by its’ roots and continues to climb to new heights and branch outward and onward year after year. It is my privilege to know where this journey began, and thereby I make it my duty to share its’ glory and take the world’s greatest barbecue where it has yet to go. With this, I write to the following groups who have helped make us, shape us or will take us to the place where this legacy has yet to live.

To our millions of guests:

It has been my distinct honor to continually serve each and every one of you for the past 77 years. You’ve graciously let us into your communities, homes and hearts and so we thank you for letting us in and giving us a seat at the table.

To my extended family:

I’m thankful to all of you, who not only believe in our barbecue and this business model, but also share and embody the values I hold dear. It is my hope that every Dickey’s franchise owner knows that true to form I’ll always support you and see your success through. Lastly, it is because of the work you do that we can facilitate the spirit of community and share delicious Legit. Texas. Barbecue. all around the world.

Lastly, I speak to anyone searching to start their own legacy or become a part of a legacy already in place to please know this: The tallest trees have the deepest roots, and the organizations that successfully stand the test of time always know you can’t get where you want to go, if you don’t know where you’ve been. 

While our holidays may differ and how we celebrate this season is unique to each of us, we all hold dear memories rooted in our own family traditions. Ask anyone what their holiday rituals include, and you’ll find most recollections include a certain dish or an annual party. For the Dickey’s, this season is marked by the start of a barbecue journey, and as the legacy grows, I am reminded that what I’m able to carry on for my family is not a blessing—but a privilege.