Family Ties

It’s always an honor to be recognized in your industry. The restaurant space is particularly competitive, but filled with successful business leaders who I respect. Last year, Restaurant Business launched their annual Power 20 list where I was recognized with an impressive list of leading restaurant executives. The 2014 list focused on executives in the restaurant industry whose business acumen allowed them to overcome the challenges we all face in the restaurant business.  It was an honor to be included in such a notable list.

This year, the Restaurant Business Power 20 focused on family dynasties leading restaurants into a new generation.  The list of families pushing the envelope in the restaurant space was impressive and I’m again honored to be included.  Families such as the Brennans, the Pappases, the Mortons and the Cathys were all recognized for going above and beyond to push their brands further and I’m thrilled to have my family in the ranks amongst these families. 

The focus of this year’s list on brand evolution is particularly interesting to me. My family is always looking for new ways to push Dickey’s Barbecue Pit to the next level. We understand the importance of evolving for the next generation of guests while we also know it’s essential for us to stay true to our roots.  That is the real balance.  But, as we move to the next phase of growth, we’re looking at ways we can continue to impress our guests, while looking at modern improvements in our stores. 

We are looking towards our 75th anniversary and not stopping the momentum. We just launched Dickey’s first charity, Barbecue, Boots & Badges which is led by my mother. My father still travels extensively meeting with our local owners across the country.  We’re starting to eye international expansion as well.  That will be exciting for our company and my family. We will also be unveiling a new store prototype with an open kitchen and leading edge amenities.

As Dickey’s continues to evolve, I’m sure looking forward to watching where this list of families takes their brands. As for the Dickey family, we will keep the serving the authentic barbecue my grandfather started this business with in 1941 and growing our family business one new guest at a time.